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of the teenagers -- 15 ye▓ars old and up -- who died of injuries in th▓e United States were killed in gun-related incidents.Jan. 13The Washington Post web▓site reported that Richard McClendon, a 43-year-old mentally-ill man, was shot by police in his moth

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er's home in Jourdanton, Texas.Jan. 14The Washington Post▓ website reported that Talbot Schroeder, a 75-year-old▓ man, was shot by police in a house in Old Bridge, New▓ Jersey, fo

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r refusing repeated commands from a police offi▓cer to drop the knife.Jan. 16"No Freshness in our 2016 pr▓esidential contest," an article published on▓ the website of The Washington

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Post▓ said the likely slate of candidates will include▓ the son of a governor and presidential candidate, the son of a congressman and presidential candidate, the wife of a ▓pr

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esident and the brother of a president, son of a p▓resident and grandson of senator. Family pe▓digree and prestige were dominating factors swaying politics.Jan. 22The websites of T

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was shot by police in Burlingto

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he Huffington Post and The USA Today reported that 10 former Mc▓Donald's workers from Virginia sued their stores for racial discrimination and sexual harassment. They said they suffered racial discrimination from the manage▓rs from time to time and alleged they were wrongfully fired last year and replaced with mostly white workers because their managers believed there had been "too many black people [working] in the store.

a 47-year-old blac
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